Just like for you and I, proper nutrition can play a major role in your pet's life long health.  Inadequate nutrition can be attributed to many underlying health issues, such as poor skin and coat, gastrointestinal problems and more. Your pet's unique physiology means they require different nutrients in their diets than we may expect, or need for ourselves. We want to help you make sure your pet is getting the best nutrition possible, based on your pets unique physiology. 

At our clinic, we offer a variety of veterinary diets, from everyday maintenance diets to diets created specifically to aid with the treatment and management of different medical conditions. We trust the science and research that goes into every product we offer. Not so keen on buying from the clinic? We also offer recommendations on some pet store alternatives. Want to cook your own food at home? We have resources for that too! Let us help guide you to cook your pet a home made diet that you can feel confident is  completely balanced

More detailed questions? We also offer free diet consults with our technicians, offering advice and information on vet recommended diets, home made diets or creating tailored diet plans for overweight pets. If you'd like to schedule a diet consult, give us a call so we can make sure a technician will be available for you 

General questions about pet food? Give us a call (250 590 8445)!