Dental Care Services for Pets

Keeping your pet’s dental health in the best shape possible.

Bad doggy breath is often a punchline for jokes. In reality, it is a sign of poor dental health in canines and other types of pets. Here at Eagle Rise, we have a wide variety of services to keep your pet’s dental health in the best shape possible. Give us a call at 250-590-8445 to learn more.

How often should my pet get dental cleanings?

Pets should come in for a full dental exam and cleaning at least once per year. This will allow us to check for any issues and get ahead of them before they cause further harm to your pet’steeth and overall health

Are pets awake during dental cleanings?

No. Pets must be sedated and placed under anesthesia during dental exams and cleanings.This ensures your pet feels no distress or discomfort throughout. Please be wary of establishments offering “cosmetic” or “anesthesia-free” cleanings. They only clean the surface of your pet’s teeth above the gum line. Your pet’s teeth may look clean, but problems are hidden beneath the surface. Always take your pet to a licensed veterinary practice for their dental checkups.

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