Exporting/Importing Pets

Given the extensive and constantly changing requirements of exporting and importing pets, we have discontinued offering Exporting and Importing Services.

There are many considerations and advanced planning necessary to take your pet across international borders. The regulations have become more restrictive and specific for most countries requiring veterinary providers to complete many pages of documentation, laboratory submissions, timed testing, updating vaccinations, follow-up testing, parasite control, a series of examinations, coordination, and communication with a Canadian Federal Veterinarian and an Exporting Service that handles the shipping and entry requirements.  Regulations are all destination country specific. 

Many of the same concerns apply to importing pets into Canada as well. More regulations have been put in place to ensure those pets coming into Canada are healthy, suitable for travel, disease free, and will often require quarantine in an approved facility under the monitoring of pre-arranged veterinary supervision. It is absolutely essential these regulations be reviewed prior to bringing a pet into Canada.

Meeting the regulatory component is beyond the scope of the services we provide. We will be happy to refer you to other local veterinary providers who are still offering these services.  Record transfers are available upon request. 

Commercial (non-pet) Avian Export is still currently available. Please contact our Practice Manager for details. 

For additional information on Exporting and Importing, please refer to the following links:

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*Exporting to Mexico and the United States (Hawaii Excluded) are still currently available provided only health certificates and proof of Rabies vaccination are required. Clients are responsible for all other documentation.  Any additional requirements, documentation, signatures etc. must be discussed with the Practice Manager prior to the visit and additional fees will apply.

** We do not endorse any one specific company, these links are for convenience only. 

Guidelines updated Sept. 30, 2021