Hospitalization for Pets

Offering hospitalization and emergency services during regular hours.

We are not a 24-hour facility, but we do offer hospitalization and emergency services during our regular hours. Should you feel your pet is experiencing a critical emergency, please call 250-590-8445 so we can best guide you. Some emergencies, and those outside our regular office hours, require immediate referral to the central Victoria Veterinary Hospital (250-475-2495), a 24-hour walk-hospital located at 760 Roderick St, Victoria, BC (Roderick and Douglas)

Why would my pet need to be hospitalized?

Your loyal companion may have to stay in our hospital for a prolonged period (from hours to days) for various reasons. These include the following:

  • Surgery: Pre-op, monitoring, post-op care, etc.
  • Emergency medical condition: Injuries, accidental poisoning, health complications, etc.

What are signs that my pet is experiencing a medical emergency?

While we can never truly know the state of your pet until they are seen by one of our veterinarians, common signs that your pet needs immediate medical attention include:

  • Difficulty breathing, open-mouthbreathing,or using extra effort to breathe
  • Stumbling or unable to stand
  • Known toxin ingestion (i.e. chocolate, raisins, anti-freeze, etc.)
  • Sudden and frequent vomiting
  • Frequent, non-productive attempts at vomiting
  • Frequent, non-productive attempts at urinating
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