Medical Treatment for Pets

Managing short-and long-term diseases in pets through effective treatments.

At Eagle Rise, we believe in a holistic approach to veterinary medicine. We emphasize preventative care to protect your pet from as many illnesses and conditions as possible. We also offer assistance with managing short-and long-term diseases in your pet. Call us at 250-590-8445 for more information on our range of medical treatments.

What types of medical treatments do you offer for pets?

Our services fall under the following categories:

  • Preventative (vaccines, dental cleanings, checkups, etc.)
  • Intervention (diagnosis, treatment protocol, surgery, etc.)
  • End-of-life care (pain management, euthanasia, etc.)

What types of long-term health issues can my pet have?

Like us, some animals live with lifelong conditions such as diabetes, thyroid issues, heart disease, and kidney disease, to name a few. We know managing long-term conditions can be challenging, but we are here to help you make the best and most informed treatment choices to keep your pet happy and thriving.

How do you treat disease in pets?

After an exam and diagnosis, some treatment options we may recommend include:

  • Annual or biannual exams to monitorlong-termmedication use/ response
  • Annual or biannual lab work to monitor organ function
  • Blood Glucose Curves to monitordiabetic control
  • Fluid therapy
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