Schedule an Appointment Online

Eagle Rise Animal Hospital is happy to offer online scheduling for returning clients. You are welcome to schedule your dog or cat's annual exam and vaccine appointment, but please contact us by phone for all other concerns.

Click the link below to be transferred to our online scheduling page. You will be required to set up a profile that will allow you to schedule an appointment online, view up coming appointments and vaccine reminders for your pet(s) and choose your preferred method of contact.


FOR CANCELLATIONS: Due to the high demand for veterinary appointments at this time, if you are needing to cancel an appointment, please give us more than 24hrs notice so that we can attempt to re-book your spot with clients who are on a wait list. If the appointment is cancelled with less than 24hrs notice then a cancellation fee (equal to the Exam Fee or Recheck Fee) will be charged. Your cooperation in this is appreciated so that we can assist the community in seeing as many pets as possible on a daily basis.

Some quick things to note before scheduling online:
Online scheduling is only available for routine, non-urgent appointments. If your concern is of an urgent nature, please call us directly at 250.590.8445.

If you have any questions about the severity or nature of your pet’s symptoms, please call us directly at 250.590.8445 so we can schedule your appointment appropriately.

Some examples of urgent or emergent symptoms include:

•    Difficulty breathing, open mouth breathing or using extra effort to breathe
•    Stumbling, or unable to stand
•    Known toxin ingestion (Chocolate, raisins, anti-freeze, lilies (cats) for example) 
•    Sudden and frequent vomiting
•    Frequent, non-productive attempts at vomiting
•    Frequent, non-productive attempts at urinating 
•    Cats who have not eaten for any period longer than 1 day